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Dragon Tales 3x3

Musical Scales / Hand in Hand

#30301 “”Musical Scales””

Max taught Zak and Wheezie a Spanish/English song to perform for Princess Kidoodle, and they have practiced it very hard. When performance day arrives, Max, Emmy and Enrique (wearing a special hat) meet up with Cassie and Ord only to find Zak and Wheezie refusing to come out of their cave. They later found out that Zak and Wheezie are shedding their beautiful scales! It looks like the performance could be cancelled unless the gang can help them out. They try all sorts of plans, including painting Zak and Wheezie and covering them in clothes.

#30302 “”Hand in Hand””

Max and Emmy’s arguing upsets Enrique, so he goes to the magical wishing well in Dragon Land. Enrique wishes that they two would become, well, “”closer together.”” His wish works out in a way he didn’t hope — Max and Emmy literally become stuck together. Another wish will set them right, but first they have to work together to deliver Wyatt’s huge load of coins to the First Dragon Land Bank.

Feb. 23, 2005