Leave It to Stevie

Stevie ends his relationship of 5 years & proceeds to get his groove back as a creepy playa... Despite his kids attempts at being the logical influence. Painful.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Stevie J

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.3

Season 1 - Leave It to Stevie
"Stevie navigates life as a single man following a public breakup with Joseline. Joc and Scrappy plan a boys' night out. Stevie\u2019s daughters organize a garage sale to help their dad get rid of the past and start anew."
"Ray J is in town and Stevie and the boys are excited to show him a good time. Meanwhile, Stevie is surprised to find himself falling for an old friend. But she might not be as excited about starting a relationship as he is."
"Stevie challenges Yung Joc to a comedy contest and learns stand-up comedy is a lot harder than it looks. Stevie's daughters won't stop fighting, so Stevie enlists a secret weapon to bring them back together."
"Stevie competes with Yung Joc and Scrappy to see who will represent the new brand. Stevie tries to help Tommie move forward with a new career choice. Meanwhile, Faith Evans is having second thoughts about rejecting Stevie J."
"When his daughter tells him his new beats are old news, Stevie decides to takes his music in a surprising direction. Stevie's old flame Mimi Faust needs a favor for their daughter Eva, but Stevie isn't sure he's up to the task."
"Stevie, Joc, and Scrappy help each other get over their worst fears. But Stevie's real concern is that his daughter might be getting involved with the wrong boy."
"Faith Evans is coming to Atlanta, and after three weeks without her, Stevie's very ready for some one-on-one time. Meanwhile, a showcase Stevie set up for singer Alexis Bliss runs into a serious problem."
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Season 2 - Leave It to Stevie
"In the Season 2 premiere, Savannah convinces Stevie to see a hypnotist to cure his womanizing ways. Meanwhile, Stevie Jr. attempts to break into the modeling world."
"Stevie overestimates his green thumb when he decides to landscape his backyard himself; Stevie meets an attorney who he pursues for both her heart and her legal skills."
"Stevie refuses to help Dorian launch his rap career, so Savannah and Stevie Jr. step in; Stevie gets culture shock when he tries to woo a French beauty; at K. Michelle's suggestion, Stevie meets with a public relations executive."
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