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When a prank at a school camp goes drastically wrong, 15-year-old Paul Reynolds is blasted into an alternative reality and has to try to find a way home.
Season 1 - Spellbinder
"Brian, Paul and Riana are pursued through the building by Ashka. They are no match for the powers of the new suit. Ashka catches them, locks them up and tells them she is destroying all evidence of her work. She starts a fire in the building. Brian realizes there is a copy of the power suit plan on the computer at home and Christine is there on her own. They escape from the building and try to ring Christine from the car phone. She doesn't hear the phone so they contact Alex and Katrina who make their way to Paul's house. Over the phone Paul instructs Alex on how to make a copy of the file, but the phone goes dead. Christine screams as Ashka arrives, but Katrina takes her out the back door to safety.Brian, Paul and Riana arrive to confront Ashka. Alex manages to get a disk to Paul. Ashka realizes what has happened and races after them. Paul and Riana take refuge at the docks but Ashka corners Riana. Paul uses a huge electro-magnet to short out Ashka's power suit. Ashka is helpless and"
Season 2 - Spellbinder
"After evrything settles --Sun has scholar Merck take all the huns to land of machines -- there is more than enough room for their people there and they can help repopulate the earth there. Ashka is blindfolded and told to select a destanation by moving the musical to jewels to whatever setting she chose ( without the aid of site) here they maroon her in the middle of a forrest with nothing but ehr power suite to protect her. Josh and Kathy and their family are returned to their own world. Sun and his sister decide to share the Throne. Everything turns out well."